This is the Details of the Latest Update Patch Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games has just released the latest patch update for their Card-Battle game entitled Legends of Runeterra. There are various kinds of new content that Riot Games has presented in this patch update, including skins, boards, card backs, emotes, bundles, to the Labs update that will be coming soon. The following is the updated content that is present in the latest Legends of Runeterra patch.

Champions Skins

The first update that is present in the Legends of Runeterra patch update this time is Champions Skins. Based on what was announced, a total of 6 new Champions Skins were introduced into the game.

Here is a list of the new Champion Skins:

  • Battle Academia Lux
  • Battle Academia Ezreal
  • Battle Academia Leona
  • Battle Academy Katarina
  • Battle Academia Poppy
  • Battle Academia Caitlyn

Board Skin

In the Legends of Runeterra patch update this time there is also a new Boards Skin that is presented. Boards is a place that is used as a game arena from Legends Of Runeterra.

The new Boards Skin in this patch update is Durandal Stadium which has the appearance of a football field. Green as a base, complete with stripes on the edge of the field.

Card Backs and Emotes

New content that is present in the latest Legends of Runeterra patch update is also Card Backs and Emotes. In Card Backs, there are two new options that players can have, namely Battle Academia Ezreal and Battle Academia Lux. In addition, in Emotes, Riot Games added two new emotes, namely No Funny Business and Challenge Accepted.

Legends of Runeterra new update patch


Furthermore, Riot Games also offers two special bundle options entitled The School Spirit and The Battle & Blazers.

The School Spirit Bundle, This Bundle can be purchased for 2763 Coins, contains:

  • Card Lux ​​Champion
  • Skin Battle Academia Lux
  • Card Back Battle Academia Lux
  • Durandal Stadium Board

The Battle & Blazers Bundle contains:

  • Skin Battle Academia Ezreal
  • Skin Battle Academia Lux
  • Skin Battle Academia Poppy
  • Skin Battle Academia Leona
  • Skin Battle Academia Caitlyn
  • Skin Battle Academia Katarina
  • All Champions Cards

Labs Updates

Finally, Riot Games also announced that there will be a new Labs Update that will be released soon. In the Labs Updates, there are a number of new experiments, starting from Lab of Legends, Saltwater Scourge, and Ultra Rapid Draw. Labs Updates will be released on November 10 along with the 2.19.0 patch update.


In addition to adding content to in-game games, this patch update also fixes bugs in the previous patch. Then there are also changes such as Decks which can now be marked as Favorites so that their Skin will appear on the cover deck when played.


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