kuning yellow diamond mobile legends

The use of the Yellow Diamond in the Mobile Legends event

For players who don’t know, remember that Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends cannot be used to buy all types of skins! As is well known, there is currently an event entitled Promo Diamond in the MOBA Mobile Legends game.

This diamond promo is also known as Yellow Diamond which makes the price of items to skins in Mobile Legends all get a discount of up to 99%. But you need to remember that this yellow diamond cannot be used to buy certain skins. What specific skin is meant and why can’t yellow diamond buy it?

kuning yellow diamond mobile legends

This Yellow Diamond event cannot be used to buy Limited skins or special skins that are present at certain events. Not only that, the skin that is on Starlight Member also cannot be purchased using Yellow Diamond. This yellow diamond can only be used to buy skins that have a fixed price.

So don’t be surprised if this Diamond Promo event will not apply to Starlight Members or even the new Hayabusa skin later. This Yellow Diamond can only be used for non-event skins.


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