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Stardew Valley Update Patch 1.5 Will Bring Splitscreen co-op Feature

Stardew Valley is currently one of the mobile games with the gardening simulation genre that has succeeded in becoming a favorite for players, with simple graphics and easy-to-play gameplay making the Stardew Valley game easily the top game for mobile. In addition, there is good news that Stardew Valley game players have just received, in a recent announcement the developer of the mobile game announced an interesting feature that will be coming into the game, yep the co-op splitscreen feature on Stardew Valley.

On Eric Barone’s Twitter account as the developer, he announced a co-op splitscreen feature that will be present in the Stardew Valley mobile game on the update patch 1.5. Not only that, but also other interesting new features, such as bug fixes and new areas to explore.

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For now, the developer still hasn’t provided details about the release date for the 1.5 patch for Stardew Valley. Of course, the release of this patch update is very much awaited by players, because as we know this feature will help players who want to play casually with their family and friends.

Previously, Stardew Valley has also presented an online multiplayer feature in the patch 1.3 update which was released some time ago and won positive reactions from Stardew Valley players.

Source: Twitter ConcernedApe


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