PUBG Mobile x B.Duck Collaboration Releases a Cute Duck Costume

At the end of February, a very unique collaboration came to the battleroyale game PUBG Mobile, this mobile battleroyale game has just collaborated with B.Duck. The collaboration is planned for release on March 7th.

This PUBG Mobile x B.Duck collaboration will present a new mode and in-game events that are available in all maps including the Livik map. This event is entitled B.Duck World Tour, players can take part in this event and get various in-game prizes.

In the rumors that fajaryusuf.com knows, every map player will find several items that can be exchanged for event prizes. Each item will help move the B.Duck player character to advance in a map like a monopoly, the farther B.Duck moves, the better the item prizes that can be obtained.

If the player has successfully completed this event, and got all items from the entire map, the player will be given a free outfit set permanently. But. The costumes that were given for free at this event were different from the main costumes of this collaboration.

Fajaryusuf.com pubg mobile b.duck

Of course, PUBG Mobile is collaborating and presenting new costumes to commemorate the collaboration. Yep, this costume is called B.Duck Set, this cute duck themed costume has arrived in the shop starting March 2nd and will only be available throughout March. Advertisement

PUBG Mobile in March will be filled with this latest collaboration event. At this time, PUBG Mobile hasn’t given any big collaboration news in 2021, let’s just wait.

Source: PUBG Mobile


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