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PUBG Mobile Will Update The Pirate Theme In Season 8

Royale Pass Season 8 PUBG Mobile has arrived, containing content & skins that match the theme of Season 8, which is the Sea Theme. Season 8 has been running for a month, which means there is still another month before Season 8 ends.

However, it looks like Tencent has never run out of ideas, not long ago began to circulate leaks about the latest themes from PUBG Mobile .

The new theme that will be present is still related to the theme of Season 8, Pirate Theme. That is, all content from PUBG Mobile will contain about Pirates, ranging from weapons skins, clothes, to events that will be present at PUBG Mobile.

Not only that, there are surprising things later in the update in the latest season later. PUBG Mobile will release 3 Lab skin weapons at once. The three weapons are UMP9 (SMG), AKM (Assault Rifle), and M24 (Sniper Rifle).

The effect of this Pirate skin will turn a dead player’s chest into a treasure chest. The theme in the Lobby will also turn into a complete ship port with a touch of typical pirates.

Pirate Pubg Mobile Pubg

PUBG Mobile is apparently not the first battle royale game, but many are referred to as games that succeed in this genre.

In early 2018, Tencent Developer introduced the mobile PUBG developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio so that it can be played on Android and iOS. Now PUBG MOBILE has penetrated 200 million downloads worldwide.

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