PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit new skin

PUBG Mobile presents a new outfit, Avalanche X-Suit

PUBG Mobile & Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is now bringing a new X-Suit to the game. This new and special X-Suit is the Avalanche X-Suit, which is currently available for players to get in the in-game shop.

The Avalanche X-Suit is the fourth X-Suit costume available in the game, previously PUBG Mobile has released the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit, Blood Raven X-sut, and Poseidon X-suit. These skins can be upgraded to level up. When upgraded, additional visual effects will be added to the costume. Visual effects such as the sata player successfully killing the enemy will look smoother when the costume has been upgraded.

PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit new skin

To get this Avalanche X-Suit Skin, players must visit the Avalanche X Suit feature which is available in the right corner of the lobby. Freetoplay players can also have the opportunity to get the costume with gacha for 300 Silver. It must be remembered, gacha using Silver can only be done three times, after that the player must use UC.

Not only the Avalanche X-Suit, players can also get various other items, including emotes, headgear, skins, and other outfits. Coupons obtained from gacha can be exchanged for other prizes.

PUBG Mobile Avalanche X-Suit new skin

Outfits that players can get at this latest gacha event are The Dracoinc Paladin Set, The Frost Order Cover, The Infernal Ruler Set, and The Arctic Ruler Set.


Download: Googleplay or Appstore


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