Pikmin Bloom will be holding Community Day on November 13th

Pikmin Bloom is a location-based AugmentedReality game that was just released by Niantic, now this Pokemon GO-like game has been released worldwide on November 2.

Pikmin Bloom is a game made to accompany daily trips or long trips that players do on foot. Joining the army on the streets are the player’s little friends, called Pikmin, who grow and bloom into flowers the longer the player walks. Every time the player travels a certain distance, the player will plant a cute little seed. Soon the Pikmin will grow and can be sent on a journey to obtain various items.

Pikmin Bloom community day november 13th

Much like Pokemon GO, Pikmin Bloom will also be holding a monthly Community Day, the first of which will be on Saturday, November 13th. This Comday event will take place from 09.00 to 18.00 local time. So, gather friends, go for a walk and watch the little Pikmin bloom each other.

During the Pikmin Bloom Community Day event there will be bonuses available. The Pikmin seeds in the planter pack will grow 1.5x faster, allowing more Pikmin to grow in less time. Fruits will provide twice as much nectar as usual. Players can feed this nectar to Pikmin and change the color of the petals. All the big flowers that players plant will bloom into beautiful pansies. The final challenge is for the player to walk 10,000 steps. For this task, players will be rewarded with a Community Day Participant Special Badge.

Download: Googleplay or Appstore


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