Pebble Universe

Pebble Universe Finally Updates After 5 Years

Pebble Universe is a style puzzle game like Angry Birds that attacks green pigs. Gameplay tells the story of one species of animal that rose to fight the monsters that preyed on them.

Pebble Universe is the best puzzle game which is described as a combination of two games that are a combination of Life Bugs and Angry birds

You will play as Pebbles, tiny little creatures that grow flowers as food and keep it to themselves.

Until the Soot-Lump monster comes to town and starts eating gravel. This giant black flying monster can see through the pebble camouflage, terrorizing the pebble.

Pebble Universe

Until one day when two pebbles rolled over each other and launched their shells into the air. These shells become projectiles, killing all attacking Soot-Lumps.

Different gravel creatures have unique shells that can explode or break into many projectiles.

Updates for this game will present more than 100 new levels for players to enjoy. If you are interested in Pebble Universe, just download this game from PlayStore or AppStore.

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Pebble Universe NEW Official Trailer
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