New Feature of Skywing Items Comes to Free Fire, Can Fly in the Air?

A new feature called Skywing has arrived on the Advance Server battle-royale game Free Fire.

On the Garena Free Fire (FF) Advance Server in April 2021, it looks like there will be a lot of new things that are very interesting for players to play, and one of the new feature updates that will be presented in the in-game area is a feature called Skywing!

Players can find this Skywing feature on the Collection page on the Advance Server Free Fire. Until now, there is still no further explanation from Garena regarding what the Skywing feature is used for.

Fajaryusuf.com Free fire skywing

But at the bottom right of the Skywing chart image, there is a caption:

The surfboard and parachute will be used to jump off the plane.

Which means that it means that this Skywing item or feature will have a different function than Parachute and Surfboard. If players look at the Skywing logo image seen in the game, it looks like the Skywing item looks like it has a rocket and wings.

And also Skywing if interpreted as an air wing which might indicate that this feature can allow players to travel from one location to another by flying in the air.

But this is just a prediction from the players, and the real use of the Skywing feature could be different. We have to be patient and wait for official information from Garena first, to find out what the real function of Skywing is.

Source: Free Fire Advance Server


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john adam
6 months ago


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