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Marvel Future Fight Update Secret Empire!

Netmarble has officially announced, a new update inspired by the Secret Empire comic story, the story of an the villain organization called Hydra which took over the United States, is now update on MARVEL Future Fight. Not only that, a variety of new characters, improved gameplay, and various new costumes were also added, such as the Captain America Hydra uniform.

New uniforms that are present in this update include Hydra Supreme Uniform for Captain America, Hydra Armor Uniform for Red Skull, Superior Octopus Uniform for Doctor Octopus, and Secret Empire Uniform for Crossbones. Three new Secret Empire themed characters have also been added to the game. They are Baron Zemo, Viper, and Taskmaster.

In addition, Winter Soldier has a new Ultimate Skill and can now be upgraded to Tier-3. In addition, the Awaken Potential feature is now available for Red Skull and Doctor Octopus, while the Open Potential feature is also available for Baron Zemo, Viper, Sin, Taskmaster, and Doctor Octopus.

Secret Empire marvel future fight

The latest enhancements have been applied to Danger Room. These improvements include an extended season to help players reach the highest score, balancing the Hero vs. Boss stat, new special skills, AFK penalties, and increased match matching.

Matching Alliance Conquest has also been upgraded. Now, players can choose the battle start time for each Alliance and adjust the time zone with the Alliance selected to handle the time difference problem. Reward Rank has also been increased.

[Highlights] Secret Empire Update!
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