kof Allstars x tekken 7

More Exciting! King of Fighters (KOF) ALLSTAR x Tekken 7!

The success of the release Netmarble’s newest RPG mobile game, KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR on Google Play and App Store, Netmarble has officially announced the collaboration KING OF FIGHTERS X TEKKEN ™ 7. Equally released in the 1990s, this amazing event presents the best history of the two action fighting games that are packaged in a slick collaboration.

Players can collect, train, and fight with TEKKEN 7 fighters, namely Heihachi Mishima, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Armor King, Ling Xiaoyu, and Paul Phoenix on November 26th to December 17th.

New players can choose one of the two legendary Fighter during the Tutorial, namely Jin Kazama and ’98 Iori Yagami. Players who are actively playing KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR can also get a free Fighter through the Event Mission in the game. Also, other TEKKEN 7 Fighter can be obtained through the limited period Dungeon Event TEKKEN and Super Mission, Fighter & Battle Card Summon Package, Bonus Login, and Roulette.

kof x tekken

Below are other additional contents on the THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR update:

  • A new KOF fighter is available for players to collect:
    • Geese Howard XIV (Available from November 26th)
    • ’96 Mr. Big and ’99 Li Xiangfei (Available from December 1st)
  • Bonus Time Event (Available from November 28th)
    • AP used is reduced by 50% for Gold Dungeons (EASY, NORMAL, HARD)
    • Get twice as much Gold for Gold Dungeon (EXPERT)
    • Get twice the Affinity Item for Story Mode
  • Black Friday Promotion Event
    • Three Black Friday Celebration Packages are available with high bonus rates

KING OF ALLSTAR FIGHTERS presents a fast action fighting game, players will fight against a variety of enemies, boss, and other team fighter. The excitement of this martial art is complemented by high-quality graphics, bright colors, and super-fast animated motion, as well as more than 130 fighters to collect!.

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