King Limited Edition Comes to One Punch Man The Strongest

He is known as the Strongest Man on Earth, with his famous power KING ENGINE, the King limited edition is present at One Punch Man The Strongest! Now is the time for the players to unravel the mystery behind the secret power that is hidden behind his cold face.

KING Skills:


Basic attack that can destroy enemies. This is a recreation of his trademark in the anime. King would be suitable if the team with characters like Doctor Genus, Mosquito Girl and Boros.


Block Energy Skills, which are very rare in OPMTS games. King walked into the middle of the enemy crowd and threatened all the enemies.

Massive healing effects with a ATK of 50% will ensure the team stays alive in critical situations.


This Passive Skill guarantees damage done, when King becomes a team support. Damage will be directly related to Energy, if you start with 3 Energy points, you will give a damage bonus of 80% of ATK.

Following the King Recommendation Lineup:

King limited edition lineup

First lineup : KING as SPD 1, Child Emperor as SPD 2, Atomic Samurai as SPD 3, Golden Ball as SPD 4.

This lineup will emphasize the blocking of KING Energy. This will be effective against the Child Emperor Core, Genos and Amai Mask core skills, which will produce energy using skills when the battle starts.

When the King is faster than the enemy, they must give up their plan and consider resolving the Energy problem.

When King is slower than the enemy, Basic King’s Attack as SPD 1 can still destroy the enemy. Combine this with the Lv.4 Child Emperor Core Skill to produce Energy. Then you can use 4-5 Ultimate skills in the first round.

This lineup also functions in situations where only the Hero is permitted, such as matches in the Tournament.

Second lineup : KING as SPD 1, Smile Man as SPD 2, Deep Sea King as SPD 3.

This lineup will focus on King’s damage. King’s passive skill will deal super high burst damage with a large heal.

With this lineup, we will definitely be a little slower than the enemy, allowing them to attack first. Trigger the Core Skill from Deep Sea King, which will produce energy after blocking. Passive KING skills will deal extra damage which is quite high. Combine this with the Passive Skill effect of Sky King and this will greatly increase the damage bonus. Because the lineup is slower and King needs a higher ATK, you need to use Superalloy Blackluster in the same line for protection. The Passive Smile Man skill will heal King and increase the chance of survival. The heal effect of the Ultimate King skill, along with the Passive Doctor Genus Skill, will increase the ATK of the entire team.


Above are the King OPMTS lineup strategy tips. May the roar of KING Engine bring you to the top of the strongest player in ONE PUNCH MAN THE STRONGEST!

Source: YouTube

The Strongest Man on Earth King Landing For Limited Time
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