Identity V × Death Note crossover collaboration! So Epic!

As you write down the name of the next victim, a secret whisper fills your ears… On April 26th, NetEase’s 1v4 asymmetric mobile game, Identity V, has officially announced a new crossover collaboration with the popular anime, Death Note, and they are releasing a new crossover promo video. to mark the collaboration event, arousing fans’ nostalgia by seeing what we can see when Death Note’s characters and unforgettable plot merge with Identity V’s unique style.

However, this may not be new news for some players, as hints hinting at an upcoming crossover collaboration have been scattering all over Identity V for some time now. Upon entering the in-game, conscientious players can find special apples, which the detective character can interact with to trigger hidden dialogue that suggests the arrival of a new crossover. After these hints were first discovered, a wave of speculation erupted among the player base, and now with this official announcement and promo video, their questions were finally answered.

Are you ready! Unmatched Classic Tension Return!

Identity vx death note fajaryusuf.com

The classic anime Death Note, adapted from a manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, won the 2007 Tokyo Anime Award for Best TV Anime. This anime tells the story of a Japanese high school student, Light Yagami, who finds a deathnote and is inhabited by a Shinigami. He immediately realized that whoever name he wrote on this notebook would die. This discovery triggers a series of events, in which Light Yagami, aka “Kira” and the young detective “L” face each other in a thrilling game of justice, glory, life and death.

Currently, Death Note is not as popular as the current hottest new anime series. However, this timeless classic remains a cherished memory in the hearts of countless anime and manga fans, who have made immeasurable impacts on their respective art forms.

When it comes to choosing a crossover partner, Identity V is known to prioritize quality over popularity, as well as the subtle relationship between the two in terms of the narrative, style, and atmosphere they create. In both Death Note and Identity V, the protagonists of these stories struggle against all odds, struggling through desperate situations time and time again while resolutely pursuing their own ideals of justice and honor. The heart of these stories shares these principles at their core, and this is why fans of both franchises can’t wait to see what this crossover has for them.

Epic crossover collaboration! Epic Rewards!

Identity vx death note fajaryusuf.com scan qr

To celebrate the official announcement of the Identity V x Death Note crossover collaboration, Identity V has prepared an exclusive free crossover gift for players. All players need to do is scan the QR code on the image to link the in-game ID, and then share the event page to get Crossover Essence!

The Identity V and Death Note crossover collaboration is about to begin. What thrilling new content and gameplay awaits in this unprecedented collaboration?

Official Website: Identity V


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