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Planned That The Ghost Player Among Us Can Become A Guardian Angel

Among Us is an Asymmetrical game whose popularity is quite unexpected. This is because this game was released in 2018, but became popular due to the current pandemic. This started because many players were looking for alternatives to playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. But did you know that in Among Us there will be a new feature for players who become ghosts when they are first killed by an impostor, one of the options is to become a Guardian Angel so that players don’t feel bored.

The game Among Us is basically “finding the bad guys among the good guys.” Player will be randomly selected to become Impostor or Crewmate, Impostor is in charge of killing all Crewmates. Meanwhile the crewmate has to discuss and find out who killed their friend.

Players who are killed by impostors will be eliminated and turned into ghosts. They can still play by carrying out their duties but cannot be killed anymore, and cannot communicate with players who are still alive. This made some players leave the game because it was considered boring when they were the first to be killed. This finally made the developer want to try new things to change the player’s ability to become a ghost.

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Launching from Inverse, InnerSloth programmer, Forest Willard informed in the Twitch Weekly Show livestream that they were trying to make the player Among Us who had become a ghost to become a Guardian Angel. But because this is difficult to do, they are now thinking so that the ghost player feature can change for the better and not be boring.

The game developed by the three people admitted that they wanted to change something about the person who was first killed in the game Among Us. Marcus Bromander as the game designer said that it was very annoying when it happened to players. However, he did not explain in more detail what plans they would do to enhance the experience.

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