Captain Marvel rework deck and Baby Groot appear in MARVEL Duel

In the upcoming new season, Captain Marvel, one of the strongest Avengers, will rejoin the battlefield of the MARVEL Duel card-battle game with a newly reworked deck, along with 10 additional new Guardians of the Galaxy cards including the adorable Baby Groot. Enter the game and feel the combination of cuteness and power in the latest update.

The ongoing battle against Dark Gwenpool is getting more intense but our Super Hero allies have a new trick. Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to show their new powers in battle and protect the universe. In the upcoming season, 10 new Guardian of the Galaxy cards will join the battlefield to defeat their enemies, including Baby Groot who loves all life in the universe and eager to protect them from any harm.

Baby Groot captain Marvel, deck Marvel duel

In addition, Captain Marvel will receive further improvements to the existing deck. A total of 12 cards from the Captain Marvel deck will return in a new form which is definitely better and with other cards in the deck. These reworked cards offer players new strategies and opportunities to experience the game from a more flexible perspective. So let’s stay tuned and log into MARVEL Duel to get the latest updates as the exciting updates continue!

MARVEL Duel is available in countries and regions including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. ASSEMBLE YOUR DECK AND SAVE THE UNIVERSE!

Download MARVEL Duel, click the link HERE


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