Avakin Life x The Voice Collaboration Presents Reality Show The Voice of Avakin

Lockwoo Publishing which is very popular with their simulation game Avakin Life is currently collaborating with one of the popular Reality ShowsThe Voice. This Avakin Life x The Voice collaboration will give players the experience of participating in the reality show The Voice of Avakin in a Simulation-RPG game that is liked by most players.

The result of this collaboration is the stage and set of the reality show The Voice of Avakin, this collaboration also allows players to become Coach, Singer, and Spectator who wants to listen to songs while competing. Interested players can also upload their audition video on TikTok, or even get to experience being a Coach sitting in the iconic rotating wheelchair during the collaboration event.

Avakin Life x The Voice Reality Show The Voice of Avakin

The Avakin Life x The Voice collaboration event is currently ongoing until December 10, 2021. So for interested players, please download the game now!

Avakin Life is a simulation game, players are free to play as whoever they want. This game is an RPG Social Simulation game, players can interact and socialize with each other and make friends online. In the game, players can build houses, and create virtual families. Avakin can be downloaded on the Appstore and Googleplay, and is a Freetoplay game.

Download: Appstore or Googleplay


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