Another Eden version 2.0.400

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond its Territory Ver 2.0.400

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond its Territory has updated Version 2.0,400 which features many cats.

In this update presents the skill to play as a cat. Explore, play, decorate and collect your favorite cats! Also in this version will also be Philo Encounters, and updates for Ally Encounters in Regular Encounters.

You can find cats in the outside world when you roam, both inside and outside the city. As a cat, you can also “catch” creatures. How wonderful when you are a cat, various gift items for cats will increase your friendship with them.

Another Eden The Cat Beyond its Territory Ver 2.0,400

Cats can use a variety of items, which involve crafts with collected material. Your cat friend will be able to run next to you by wearing whatever costume you wear.

You can also find various places to explore as a cat. What will you find when searching for a hidden path as a cat, curious? Yep, a terrible and exciting adventure is waiting for you.

The Cat Beyond Its Territory - Another Eden
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