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Viral Video Machine Automatic MOBA Mobile Game Player TikTok

Not long ago, a viral video was uploaded via a TikTok account with userid @quynguyen1911. The TikTok user uploaded a video game moba Mobile Legends / AOV which was played automatically by an assembly machine. You can see a machine that is connected to a cellphone, and the machine moves the analog game and tap skill buttons on the cellphone screen.

The equipment from the machines in the video is not too difficult to obtain. The equipment is an electronic trainer, cables, small pieces of wood, a battery stone, and a moving dynamo.

It is still uncertain about what MOBA games the assembled robot machine on TikTok will play. When you see how it looks at a glance, the MOBA mobile game is like Mobile Legends, and the heroes in the video like Tigreal and Freya. However, there are also those who comment that the mobile game played by this viral machine is AOV.

The comments of netizens are very diverse, some want it, and there are also those who think that if you play using a robot machine like that you don’t get fun when playing a MOBA game full of competitive elements.

The creative idea of ​​the user who made the moba game player raft robot machine needs to be appreciated. Because he has created a propulsion machine, and is involved in the development of technology and social media.

Source: TikTok @quynguyen1911

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