The Cramorant bug in Pokémon UNITE really spoils the match!

On the Twitter account @Pokémonunite, the developer, namely TiMi Studios, asked players to stop using the Cramorant Bug that could damage the balance in the MOBA Pokémon UNITE game. TiMi Studios also asks players not to take advantage of the bug before it is fixed in the next update.

For those of you who don’t know, Pokémon UNITE players recently discovered a bug from Pokémon Cramorant. In this bug, players who use it can win matches very easily.

How to activate the Carmorant Bug is very easy. Players only need to activate Skill 1 in the tower and immediately press the button to score a Goal. Then, the bug will be activated immediately and the player will be invincible from all attacks throughout the match.

cramorant pokemon unite bug

The Carmorant bug in Pokémon UNITE is very detrimental to the continuity of the game. When activated, Carmorant will be immune to any enemy attacks during the match. Carmorant can also do damage to enemies even with Invincible status.

So if you use it, players can get a win very easily. However, this bug has a weakness. Players will be able to take more damage if they score a goal.

Many players complained to TiMi Studio in a video about this bug problem. Many players feel worried when playing and meet an enemy who uses Cramorant and activates the bug. Hopefully this bug will be resolved soon!



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