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Elon Musk Invited by Genshin Impact to Livestream Together

The game developed by miHoYo entitled Genshin Impact is now the center of attention of many players around the world. Because the Twitter account Genshin Impact now has 2.4 million followers. To celebrate, the Genshin Impact Twitter account plans to invite Elon Musk to their livestream event.

Yep, this announcement comes from a tweet from the official Genshin Impact Twitter account. In the tweet, Genshin Impact plans to invite the owner of the Tesla company, namely Elon Musk to attend the livestream event with them. Not only that, they plan to invite Elon Musk to come to miHoYo Headquarters. In order for it to really happen, there are terms and conditions that must be met.

“Dear Travelers,
To celebrate over 2 million followers, Paimon plans to create a challenge for the community.
Follow Ella Musk @Paimon2theMoon and check the image below to find out what will happen after getting the target
When get 500K followers from fans, @GenshinImpact account will change back to Paimon
1 million follow from fans, @GenshinImpact will follow @ElonMusk
3 million follow from fans, @GenshinImpact will invite @ElonMusk to livestream
5 million follow from fans, CEO Dawei will invite Elon Musk to visit miHoYo Headquarters”
Tweet @GenshinImpact

elon musk genshin impact

Surprisingly, the Twitter account Genshin Impact was planning to invite Elon Musk to a livestream event, but, as of this writing, the tweet had been deleted by Twitter GenshinImpact. The disappearance of the tweet that invited Elon Musk to the livestream event gave many questions from Genshin Impact players.

Are Genshin Impact and miHoYo really planning to invite Elon Musk to their livestream and visit miHoYo Headquarters? Or is this just a joke from the Genshin Impact Twitter account Admin?

However, knowing this, Elon Musk gave a response about the information he plans to be invited by Genshin Impact at the livestream event. In a tweet on his Twitter account, ElonMusk couldn’t wait to attend the event.

“Can’t wait to be in Genshin Impact”
Tweet @ElonMusk


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