Adele Cries When She Meets Her English Teacher

Adele Cries When She Meets Her English Teacher

Today, November 25, 2021, is National Teacher’s Day in Indonesia.

Lots of people, maybe you included, say that their teachers at school were one of the factors that supported their success now. In fact, many still remember their kindergarten teacher.

British singer Adele, who still remembers her English teacher in junior high, feels the same way. During An Audience With Adele, the Grammy Award-winning singer said that her teacher had a big contribution in her life.

“I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove [Academy] who taught me English. That was Ms. McDonald. she got me really into literature. Like, I’ve always been obsessed with English, and, obviously, now I write lyrics,” Adele said. 

“She really made us care, and we knew that she cared about us. … She used to have all these gold bracelets on and gold sequins. I dunno, she was bloody cool and so relatable and likable that I really looked forward to my English lessons,” added the talented singer.

Adele at An Audience with Adele
Adele at An Audience with Adele (instagram.com/adele).

Surprise came to Adele when actress Emma Thompson said that Ms. McDonald was in the audience.

“She’s here tonight!” Emma Thompson declared

The singer with a beautiful voice was suddenly shocked and her eyes filled with tears.

“Hello, my darling,” said Ms. Mc Donald who walked up to Adele, then hugged her. “Oh, my god, Oh, my god, I’m so proud of you. Thank you for remembering me.”

“Oh, you look exactly the same,” the 33-year-old singer replied with tears. “You changed my life.”

An Audience with Adele was broadcast on Sunday (11/21/2021) on British television, ITV. Several well-known celebrities, such as Emma Watson, Dua Lipa, Emma Thompson, Idris Elba, Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Comer, and Naomi Campbell, attended the event.

Actor Hugh Jackman also responded to this via Twitter.

Never forget your teacher, okay! And if you haven’t streamed album 30 yet, what are you waiting for, by the way?


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