UNDECEMBER is now starting the pre-registration event

LINE Games Corporation has officially announced that their Hack&Slash ARPG game entitled UNDECEMBER has now started a global pre-registration event on STEAM and its official website today, UNDECEMBER was developed by Needs Games and will be published by LINE GamesThe UNDECEMBER showcase video can now be watched on YouTube with English subtitles from MMOCulture. The video provides detailed information about this Multiplatform game including major improvements after the UN-Boxing Test held in October as well as the official release schedule.

It is planned that UNDECEMBER will be released first in South Korea on January 13, 2022, and then in the global version in early 2022. Global players can now pre-register on the STEAM page and website.

UNDECEMBER is set in the dark fantasy world, Traum, players will embark on a journey to stop the Evil God Serpens from awakening and begin their journey with fearsome foes.

UNDECEMBER pre register

UNDECEMBER allows the player to escape from the system Class traditional RPG, because the player would build and customize characters with their own style of play, as they do Farming and making various kinds of equipment and thousands of combinations Skills Rune.

In addition to story content, UNDECEMBER also has very diverse Multiplayer content to enjoy, including Co-Op Chaos Dungeon, Raid, Spire of Barrier, Crusade of Glory (PvP), and Guild War in the next update. UNDECEMBER is a Free-to-Play game and has a Battlepass system that offers a variety of valuable in-game items, and will have cosmetic items and Convenience features that players can choose to purchase. The game will be available for Mobile and PC, with Crossplay support, and an optimized UserInterface for each platform.

Pre-register: STEAM

UNDECEMBER PC + Mobile gameplay trailer

UNDECEMBER 언디셈버 (PC + Mobile) - December 2021 Online Showcase Video (ENG subs)


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