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Tsubasa+ Mobile Game Augmented Reality Will Be Released This Year

As we already know, the Captain Tsubasa anime series has just released a new game for PC, PS4 and Switch. The game is titled Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champion, this game is a very unique soccer game, because of the super moves like the one in Anime, making the game fantasy and interesting. And do you know the Tsubasa+ Augmented Reality mobile game?

Take it easy, mobile platforms also get games from Anime Captain Tsubasa which are no less exciting. This mobile game is titled TSUBASA+, this mobile game is an Augmented Reality game like Pokemon GO but with a soccer theme.

Gameplay in the TSUBASA PLUS game is not much different from Pokemon GO, by walking and looking for characters that appear on the smartphone screen, then invite them to play soccer. You can play 1vs1 or as a team. After that you can recruit the player.

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Then later players can build a stadium that can be spread anywhere, the stadium will function like a Pokestop in Pokemon GO which can provide various items for players. Interestingly, this mobile game doesn’t need to be played by leaving the house continuously, because there is a map system that is useful for you to move to another place.

This mobile game is certain to be released in 2020 and will be available for iOS and Android devices.

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