Trickster M Will Be Released At The End of May And Has 2 Versions

In February, NCsoft Corporation has officially announced the release date of the game MMORPG mobile they called Trickster M. This mobile MMORPG game is planned to be released at the end of May, but it turns out that there will be some changes provided by this game.

In the previous announcement, this mobile game only has one version, the same as other mobile MMORPG games. However, currently the developer divides Trickster M into two versions of the game with the aim of adjusting the age of the players.

Trickster M will have two versions of the game, the first version for players aged 19 years and over and the second version for players aged 12 years and over. There are very significant differences between these two different versions, and there is a reason why NCSOFT does this.

For versions 12 years and over, in this version Trickster M will not have access to various things. The main factor why this age division must be done is to prevent any trading or gambling problems that exist in this MMORPG game.

Trickster m mmorpg mobile game

As for versions 19 years and over, this version will feature trading items that are traded using the original and official currency. Indeed, it should be for players under the age of 19 not to get involved in this trading and gambling thing
, because there are many bad effects that can happen to both parties.

Not only that, versions 19 years and over will have scalable cellphone number verification so that developers can have accurate data. As for the 12 year version it is not necessary, and those who do not want to use this feature will not mind.

As a mobile MMORPG game, Trickster M has a slightly different gameplay compared to other MMORPG games in general. This MMORPG game focuses more on adventure gameplay than combat, the combat feature does exist, it’s just not the main feature that is highlighted but the focus will lead to adventure.

Source: NCSOFT Corporation


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