Trails in the Sky Mobile

Trails in the Sky Mobile Version Can Be Played!

Last week, the developer 畅游 时代 officially announced the release of the Chinese Open Beta test for the game Trails in the Sky Mobile (空 之 轨迹) on the Apple App Store. Today September 17 this game will be available for Open Beta Test on Android.

Trails In The Sky Mobile Version is a Turn Based MMO RPG game adapted based on the Trails series. This game was developed to commemorate 15 years of the Trails series.

Trails in the Sky Mobile

Because this is a Turn Based RPG game, the controls are quite simple and original. All you have to do is choose the action that your character will do to activate the next step.

Trails in the Sky

This game also has a Job system, each job will have unique skills, so choose the job you want!

畅游 时代


iOS Link Android Link (TB, you can also download it via Taptap)

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Trails In The Sky Mobile - Chinese Version Opening Gameplay
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