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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Has Been Released on Android and iOS

The new game released from the collaboration between all Tom Clancy franchise heroes, yep Ubisoft tries to invite loyal players to be able to play Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad on mobile, Android and iOS platforms. Unlike the previous games that they released earlier, Elite Squad will become an RPG genre mobile game with iconic characters, such as Sam Fisher from Splinter Shell, Montagne from Rainbow Six Siege, El Sueno from Ghost Recon Wildlands, and others.

Unfortunately, since the initial announcement of this game, the French developer and publisher did not explain and provide any information about the release date. And now, they suddenly announced that they had officially released the game.

fajaryusuf.com Tom Clancy's Elite Squad a

Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad has now been released and can be played globally on Android and iOS devices. Players can play 70 iconic characters that can be equipped with weapons, unique skills, and several gears that can be used to upgrade characters to become stronger.

As a commander, players will control 5 × 5 battles in several locations from The Division, Valletta, and Malta from the Splinter Cell Conviction. Running campaign missions with new stories to unlockable soldiers, and an interesting in-game story.

Apart from the campaign mission with an interesting story to watch, players can also enjoy PvP or even fight between guilds in guild war mode.

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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