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The Gamers Mobile, Starting From Webtoons Becoming A Mobile Game

You are certainly familiar with one of the Webtoons comics that is quite popular with genre of Action, fiction, and adventure, yep this comic is The Gamer.

There is good news for you who like this comic, because it turns out that in Gamescom 2019, it was announced that The Gamer will get a game adaptation that will cover season 1 of the comic.

the mobile gamer webtoons

And when viewed from the leak title screen game above, you can see Shin Sun Il, Kwon Shi-Yun, and of course Han Jihan who will be present in the game.

The Gamer Mobile will come with the same story as the original story of the comic. When Jihan realized that he had skills like in games in the world, fighting zombies, meeting Kwon Shi-Yun, until his ability to create skills ranging from Mana Arrow, to the Mana bombs in the game.

The Gamer Mobile will present the genre of Action RPG + Puzzle + Arcade games. Where players will be able to explore the Labyrinth contained in the game.

the gamer mobile webtoons

For combat systems, if you like Action RPG games like Bleach MMORPG, you will definitely like this game. You can use Jihan, Kwon Shi Yul, and Shin Sun il in the game to fight zombies or monsters that attack using the skills you have.

The Gamer Mobile game is still under development, and has only finished 30% of the total game. And this game is rumored to still be released for the Korean version only, and there has been no announcement about the release of the game The Gamers globally. This game will be released for Android and iOS devices.

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