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Tencent Announces Release of a Survival Game Titled Undawn

Tencent Games has officially announced their new mobile game which will have the survival genre. Yep, this mobile game is titled Undawn, this mobile survival game will present post-apocalyptic themed open-world gameplay like the LifeAfter game.

In in-game players must try to survive zombie attacks. Undawn will bring a variety of different elements, such as combining genres to be fresher.

So, this Undawn Game is predicted to be a popular open-world survival game because it has a different gameplay element concept.

Like survival games in general, players must be able to loot or look for loot in the wild to ensure players have the resources to survive.

Fajaryusuf.com undawn Tencent survival game

Players also have to make a perfect strategy to be able to take advantage of limited resources and prepare to face and fight zombies.

Not only that, in this game there are several PvP and PvE modes that make the game even more competitive. Players can hunt and collect various important items by exploring an area.

Players can also work together with friends or teams to create safe and strong shelters from zombie attacks. Having friends and taking care of each other is the best decision in this survival game to survive a zombie attack.

By looking at the features of the game and the popularity of the publisher, it looks like Undawn will live up to the expectations of players with amazing graphics and content that is no less interesting than similar games.

Source: Gamerant


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