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Teamfight Tactics Mobile Game Will Be Released Soon!

Riot Games recently announced that a mobile game port for Teamfight Tactics will be released soon. It is expected that this mobile game will be released in March, this mobile game will also enter a Closed-Beta test for certain countries.

Cross Platform System

This mobile game will have cross platform compatibility between PC and Mobile. That means that whatever account you do and develop on one platform will be transferred to another platform. This way, you don’t need to create two different accounts!

Difference From PC Version


New Aesthetics: Because it must serve mobile users, TFT Mobile will display a sleek and efficient new UI for mobile users. This will focus on a brighter and simpler aesthetic to strengthen its identity as a mobile game.

In-game items: To make items more “finger friendly,” TFT mobile has a special item inventory panel. From there, players can be interesting to preview, complete, and combine items the same way done on a PC!

Champion Shop: To save space, the Champion Shop opens and closes with a button. The shop also automatically opens at the beginning of each round. In addition, the Shop will always be able to open to ensure that players have a complete view of the battlefield.

Chat and Emote: At this time, there will be no in-game chat. However, players can still use emotes freely. There’s even a Little Legend emote menu specifically designed for mobile use.


In terms of gameplay, balance, and units, everything will stay the same! which means that updates made on the PC will be ported to the mobile version at the same time. There will be no other micro transactions in the game when it is released.

Source: RIOT Official Website

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