Tales of Luminaria (JP) released

Tales of Luminaria (JP) has been released on Appstore and Googleplay

Bandai Namco has officially announced the release of their newest mobile game, Tales of Luminaria (JP). Players who really like JRPG games like this game can now download this game from the Japanese Appstore or Googleplay (use a VPN for players who don’t live in Japan).

Tales of Luminaria (JP) released

Tales of Luminaria is a game developed by Bandai to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Tales game series. This is also the first Tales series to feature all the original characters and have a new story plot.

Tales of Luminaria tells the story of 21 different protagonists from different perspectives. At the time of release, there were 7 characters for players to play, later new characters will be released every week.

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Download: Googleplay or Appstore


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