Robot Tactics X has now started the Pre-Registration event campaign

Game Hollywood has officially announced a new action-packed mobile game titled Robot Tactics X, and now the pre-registration event campaign has now started for iOS and AndroidThis JRPG Mecha Strategy game lets players engage in classic Turnbased battles using mechanics that are highly customizable to the original characters gathered from Gacha.

Robot Tactics X features an immersive narrative coupled with Mecha customization, players can play around with more than 100 Mecha parts to their liking.

Robot Tactics X pre register event

Improved chessboard gameplay with new features like terrain and counter effects to spice up the game’s elements during combat.

Pre-registration for Robot Tactics X has started with Milestone rewards, including G3 Tranquilizer x5, Dye x10, Update Replenishment 1.0 x5, Planning Scheme x10 and Adv Dye x10 A Beginner PackA Beginner Pack with Rare Ingame Goodies will also be given out when players join Recruitment with a player email ID on the official website, along with special prizes for players who invite their friends.

Pre-registration CLICK HERE

Robot Tactics X - Official Trailer


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