Professor Layton and The Lost Future mobile

Professor Layton and The Lost Future Will Be Released For Mobile

Good news for players who are fans of puzzle games. Because Professor Layton, a puzzle game that is quite popular due to brain-sharpening gameplay, will eventually be released for the mobile version, for Android and iOS.

The mobile game Professor Layton and The Lost Future will get improved graphics quality, so that when you play it will feel more HD, and certainly adapted for mobile devices.

Professor Layton and The Lost Future mobile hd

The story in this game begins with the presence of a letter to Professor Layton from his assistant Luke who is from 10 years in the future. Since then, Layton began his investigation by exploring various puzzles and revealing the presence of the mysterious young man who claimed to be his assistant.

This puzzle game series was first released in 2008, and managed to captivate the players by getting a fairly high rating in several well-known foreign media. Professor Layton and The Lost Future will be present on Android and iOS on the upcoming July 13.

Source: Gematsu

Professor Layton: The Lost Future launches in UK!
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