postknight 2

Mobile Game Postknight 2 Will Be Released in 2020

The developer of mobile games from Malaysia, Kurechii, has just officially announced that their upcoming new game titled Postknight 2 will be released on the Android and iOS platforms in 2020.

As the name suggests, this mobile game is a direct sequel to the previous Postknight mobile game series, which was first released in 2017. In this mobile game you will take on the role of male or female Postknight. Postknight is a letter introduction that is pretty much the term designation for the work of a letter delivery in the Postknight game universe, but unlike in the real world, the postman letter carrier will be armed and can engage in battles against monsters.

Postknight 2 release

This mobile game RPG will give you the task of sending packages while conquering whatever is in the way. The sequel to Postknight has a lot of places to explore, and hopes that Postknight 2 will have more items to collect and more players to interact with each other. Note that developers will continue to work on the game, and will focus on matters relating to fixing existing problems to maintain a better playing experience than the previous Postknight, and a stable server network for the entire region.

The developer did not specifically share too much detailed information in the posting of the announcement, so further details will be disclosed at the 2019 Comic Fiesta event. With the game status still in its infancy, the developer states that they accept suggestions and ideas about what should be included in the game, so please give suggestions and enter them on the Official Discord Kurechii and also make sure to visit the Postknight Website for further updates.

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