dellmo 2

The new sequel Mobile Game Deemo, titled Deemo II

In 2019, Rayark as a mobile game developer has officially announced that their most successful mobile game titled Deemo will be adapted into a movie and released a trailer of the movie. In addition, at RayarkCon held last December, they also introduced the latest sequel to the flagship game.

They showed off a piece of Deemo II teaser. From the trailer, it is seen that Deemo will still be struggling with songs that are thick with piano nuances and will also likely experience graphic enhancements.

deemo 2

Deemo is a mobile game that has rythm gameplay, which was released for mobile devices in 2013. The mobile game was so successful that Nintendo and PlayStation wanted to bring the game to their handheld consoles on PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.

Since its release 7 years ago, Deemo has only experienced in-game updates. However, this year, the mobile game that was played like pressing the piano keys was finally confirmed to get the new sequel to Deemo II.

《DEEMO II》Teaser
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