Lord of the World Anime Kingdom Game Released Global On March 29th

Lord of the World is a build-kingdom mobile game with a cool anime style from Feiyufei Games which is planned to be released globally on March 29. This mobile game will be available for free on the Android and iOS platforms with pre-loaded access which will be available one day before its official release, on March 28 to be precise.

Lord of the Other World is a mobile strategy game based on SLG (Simulated Life Game) that carries classic strategy gameplay such as Clash of Clans (COC) and the like. The uniqueness presented in this game lies in the combination of several gameplay elements such as business simulations to dungeon crawling-based gameplay sessions. Players can build cities that are advanced in terms of welfare, civilization to the economy. In addition, players can also send adventurers to interact with people outside the kingdom, make donations, and trade with each other.

Fajaryusuf.com Lord of the World mobile game

This mobile game is set on a land that is experiencing destruction, so the player’s job is to build an empire that can bring new hope while acting as a leader. Because of that, each player will have their own area that is already equipped with resources, land, and dungeon challenges to collect treasures and face various bosses.

Within this six countries, 36 cities, and 36 legendary leaders, players will be taken on a great adventure that puts these kingdoms in a great battle to become absolute leaders.

Yep, so you have to remember, the global version of Lord of the Other World is scheduled to be released on March 29th. This game will be available for free on the Android platform via the Google Play Store and iOS via the App Store, and don’t forget to pre-load it on the 28th so that when it’s released the player can play it right away.

Source: Feiyufei


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