lineage w pre register open world gameplay

Lineage W Pre-Registration Announcement and Open-World Region Within

After holding the session Showcase Online which is so attractive that was held two weeks ago, now NCsoft recently announced something far more detail on in-game by announcing a region berbagaimacam Open-World that exist in the game MMORPG their latest Lineage W.

Later, there will be places that players are already familiar with and new territories for players to explore, but what is confirmed in the trailer there are 4 regions that have been announced, including Talking Island, Gludio, Elven Forest, and Windawood.

lineage w pre register open world gameplay

Currently the pre-registration campaign event for Lineage W is also underway, and the MMORPG game that many players have been waiting for will be released this November 2021!

Pre-registration: AppStore or GooglePlay

Lineage W - Talking Island preview trailer

Lineage W - Elven Forest preview trailer

Lineage W - Windawood preview trailer

Lineage W Gludio preview trailer


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