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Heroes War: Counterattack officially released on the AppStore and GooglePlay

Mobile game RPG turn-based Heroes of War: Counterattack filled with zombies now been released and is available to the player in the AppStore and GooglePlay. The newest mobile game from publisher Com2uS, Heroes War: Counterattack is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly disease is spreading, known as Virus Z which has wiped out most of humanity. Players devote themselves to one of two warring factions and simultaneously must survive a growing population of infected.

The Z virus was released due to global warming and immediately wreaked havoc on more than 30 percent of the human population in the world of Heroes War: Counterattack. A large company was in a rush to produce a vaccine, but it proved futile against the rapid spread of the virus. With humanity crippled by Virus Z, Heroes War: Counterattack has a player who leads one of two factions: the Survivors Union, an uninfected human force using the powerful and mysterious Neostones, or the Harz Alliance, infected but conscious and talented humans. who is superhuman and immune from viruses.

The officially released strategic RPG mobile game Heroes War: Counterattack has PvE and PvP content surrounded by an innovative combat system that combines classic turn-based strategy with a new counter attack mechanism that allows players to change the tide of battle.

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In this game, it doesn’t seem too focused on a strong character development system. Players looking for a solo experience focused on in-game stories can check out the exciting PvE sections, including:

  • A campaign for each faction to learn the knowledge behind the Survivors Union and Harz Alliance with various dungeons and story chapters
  • A Battle Center that includes a variety of different dungeons and rewards players with Badges, Cores and EXP Boosters
  • Trace Specimens mode, player vs boss mode, Isard and Trivia

Players who want to go head-to-head in multi-player mode can see the following sections of PvP mode:

  • Arena: Asynchronous multi-player mode where players battle for Arena Points
  • Mercenary Missions: These are the “Search” and “Occupation” missions. The player’s job is to find and destroy as many hidden Blowbys as possible. Job has player control and base with battle reinforcements. The rewards for completing Mercenary missions are Gold and Mercenary points.

Publisher: Com2uS

Download GooglePlay or AppStore

[Heroes War: Counterattack] Cinematic full version (Official)


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