Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons Mobile Tencent Give New Info

Until now, Harvest Moon has developed into a very popular classic farming simulation game franchise. Players may think that the farming gameplay in the in-game feels childish, from the features, the storyline, to various aspects of every game in the franchise that is built with phenomenal quality and can be enjoyed by all players. And do you know Tencent’s version of Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons mobile?

Marvelous as the official licensee of Story of Seasons or previously known as Harvest Moon, has now collaborated with Tencent to create Story of Seasons for mobile. This game project has actually been developed since 2019, but now they have revealed the latest details, namely various characters that players will be able to meet in this farming simulation-mobile game.

Harvest moon story of Seasons mobile tencent

The various characters were released in the form of design artwork, showing the main male and female characters, the very familiar NPC Major Thomas from the classic Harvest Moon series, as well as several in-game gameplay screenshots. If you look at the artwork that is offered like the mobile version, it is very familiar with the anime style, 2D artwork and in-game screenshots that show the 3D graphics of the mobile game.

Story of Seasons Mobile is currently under development. Marvelous and Tencent have yet to reveal the release schedule. But for sure, if Tencent makes it certain that the mobile game will also be released globally.


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