Game titled You Generation Presents a New Genre LPG

After the official announcement of the game project at the end of last year, Colopl Star Studio is now finally providing complete details for their latest game project entitled “You Generation” . On the outside, this game looks like it carries the rhythm genre or anime idol style that is typical of games like BanG Dream or Project Sekai. But after looking at it in more detail, it turns out that You Generation presents a very unique concept with a genre they call LPG or “Live Playing Game”.

For players who are unfamiliar with the genre, LPG offers a combination of “Live” and “Game” concepts that provide an immersive playing experience with the support of the most advanced VR / AR technology. With settings on an open-world map that is adjusted as closely as possible to Japan, this mobile game will indulge players in an epic adventure that places them as heroines and fights against the threats of monsters that disturb world peace.

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The new video trailer for this game shows a little gameplay footage that seems to combine the AR / VR concept. It’s just that it seems that players will be given more freedom to interact with the real world, such as game characters that appear as projections in story mode to mini-games, all of which take advantage of the latest AR / VR technology support.

Along with the latest detailed information and the opening of an official You Generation Twitter account, the developer also started the pre-registration phase with various attractive prizes. With pre-registration targets ranging from 50,000 until 500,000 players, the prizes offered include Astagems, exclusive avatars, and other items.

Because this mobile game is still in the testing phase with newly opened pre-registration access, for the time being there is no certain release schedule yet. However, this LPG genre game has been planned to be present in the Japanese region first for the Android and iOS platforms.

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