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Game Eva Battlefields Adaptation From Anime Evangelion

Who is not familiar with Neon Genesis Evangelion? One of the most popular Anime Mecha managed to steal the hearts of anime lovers from various generations.

Starting from old to young certainly have never watched or seen this popular anime. Now, Neon Genesis Evangelion will get the latest mobile game adaptation under the title EVA Battlefields.

Eva Battlefields mobile game was first announced at the Tokyo Games Show 2019, this game is expected to be released in2020.

EVA Battlefields 2020

But until now there has not been much information released about the details of EVA Battlefield. Including the genre and also the gameplay that will be presented later in the Eva Battlefields game.

Some of the latest screenshots for in-game have begun to leak. You can see other leaked information through the official Twitter account and the official EVA Battlefield website .

eva battlefields

In addition there is one other leak that is quite specific from the developers. They explained that this EVA Battlefield game will carry a different gameplay and background from other Evangelion games.

Rumors also spread, it is likely that this game will contain stories from the latest film Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 which was also released in 2020.

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Source: news.qoo-app.com

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