Doula continent reunion

Doula Continent: Reunion Mobile MMORPG Game Small Data

Currently there is a very light mobile MMORPG called Doula Continent: Reunion. MMORPG Doula Continent: Reunion has a fairly small data storage size, even less than 1GB or more precisely only 920MB.

This small data size is its main attraction, because usually a car MMORPG game is currently very famous for its large data size, complex gameplay, and also a large open world map.

Now is the right time to try this mobile game, because this mobile game has just opened a CBT server. Doula Continent: Reunion is the first MMORPG Mobile project from a developer named Shrek Developer.

With a data size of only 920MB, the gameplay offered by this mobile MMORPG is not bad. However, it is true that players will feel the difference with other big data MMORPG games such as Dragon Raja, Blade & Soul Revolution or Black Desert Mobile.

Fajaryusuf.com Doula Continent: Reunion mmorpg mobile

The world setting taken in this mobile MMORPG is a fantasy world, one thing that is unique from this mobile game is the darker open world concept. The gameplay in this game is the same as any MMORPG in general, players will choose a class / job and fight with various monsters while continuing the adventure.

Besides that, there are things that this mobile game lacks, namely the choice of language that has no other choice but Chinese. The developer is still not sure whether their mobile MMORPG game will add language selection features in the future.

For players who are interested and want to try this lightweight data-sized MMORPG, it is currently not available on Google PlayStore or AppStore. However, players can try to download it on third-party apps.

Download click HERE.


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