D_CIDE TRAUMEREI Mobile Game Project Begins Pre-Registration

At a special event held by Bushiroad some time ago, they officially announced a collaboration project with the company Sumzap and Drecom. The project, entitled D_CIDE TRAUMEREI, is a cross-media franchise that will later be developed into a mobile game and anime adaptation by Sanzigen. No need to wait long, new information about this mobile game and anime project will arrive in the spring of 2021 in Japan.

D_CIDE TRAUMEREI mobile game will be an RPG genre with a turn-based system that looks very familiar to most players. The graphic appearance of this mobile game looks charming, including the character designs done by the famous illustrator Kukka. The game’s storyline also sounds promising, due to the involvement of Tadashi Satomi, who is already known as the screenwriter of the first two games of Persona and the series The Caligula Effect.

D_CIDE TRAUMEREI is set on an island called Yura, the story will focus on Rando Furukata who is a student from the Wadatsumi academy. The story begins when Rando feels a brutal death and pulls himself in a new destiny as a “Knocker-Up”, Rando must face a nightmare that connects the real world and fantasy.

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The game will have several modes including a story to continue the story, a mode to improve relationships with closest friends, as well as a challenging gameplay mode that requires players to face monsters from nightmares.

For information, the anime is still minimal, but in general, it will still present the same original characters and storyline as the game. It should be noted that the new project is specifically for the Japanese region, so players who are looking forward to a global release have to be more patient until there is the latest confirmation.

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