Death Carnival is soon Crossplatform Arcade Shooter 2022

Crossplatform Arcade Shooter Game Death Carnival is coming soon

Furyion Games has announced that they will be releasing their new game titled Death Carnival, an action-packed Shooter Arcade game coming to iOS, Android, PC, and consoles in 2022. The game focuses on adrenaline-pumping PvP and Online PvE combat, with customizable weapons and dynamic combat.

Death Carnival has familiar arcade controls with full crossplay so players can get into the game on all different platforms. This Shooter Arcade game has a wide variety of extreme weapons with many ways to defeat your enemies in battle, including hitting walls and using the environment to defeat your enemies. Weapons can be customized with a variety of loadouts to suit each player’s playstyle, along with over a dozen characters to choose from with their own unique moves.

Death Carnival is soon Crossplatform Arcade Shooter 2022

Players can choose Single Player, Online Co-Op, or competitive PvP modes to fully enjoy the game, players will enter a world that is all about televised bloody sports. Players have to face off against other contestants who desperately need fame and fortune.

“Our team and community have worked together over the years to research and develop hundreds of different mechanics and experiences with the single goal of creating a highly accessible and emotionally impactful arcade experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. We wanted to create something that had FPS depth, increased freedom of movement, and translated into a style of play that was very easy to pick up and play. Whether casual players, or competitive top gamers, the easy controls and game mechanics will feel intuitive”
Herbert Yung, Founder and Director of Furyion Games

More information is on the Death Carnival Official Website

Death Carnival PvP Gameplay Trailer


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