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Catalyst Black Has Released Mobile Game Battleground Shooter

Catalyst Black has been released and brings an innovative and unique shooter gaming experience. In fact, the battleground shooter subgenre is a new term coined by a team of developers who are deemed more suitable and representative for this latest mobile game.

Catalyst Black has various game modes which are a combination of matches between teams and achieving objectives, such as stealing the flag (Capture the Flag), hunting the flag (Flag Hunters), and hunting down target monsters (Core Rush). The drop-in, drop-out system that is implemented makes it easy for players to immediately enter a match without having to wait. Players can also enter directly into a friend’s match by simply tapping their name and playing immediately.

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This mobile game was developed to provide a battleground shooter experience, players can try mechanical skills and strategy in combat. Taking place in a mysterious magic world, players can combine various equipment, weapons, and abilities for up to thousands of possible battle sets (loadouts) that highlight their unique playing styles. This mobile game also has beautiful visuals, unique graphic styles, dynamic lighting, complex animations, and hyper-responsive gameplay on various types of devices.

“Catalyst Black is the result of our efforts to create a hands-on gaming experience and there is no need to wait in line to play a competitive match with friends. Our goal is to solve this problem similar to what we applied to our first work, which is define a new genre of game that we call Battleground Shooter. This genre offers intense competitive combat and players can join or leave the match (drop in-drop out) at any time without penalty, even in the middle of battle. We are very excited to introduce geo-beta This is to the dynamic Indonesian community. We are waiting for community input and opinions about Catalyst Black so we can improve the gaming experience as best as possible. “

Said Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Super Evil Megacorp.

In general, every mobile game is developed using a foundation or an engine that is already available on the market. This is to make it easier for developers to work on the program as soon as possible. But unlike Catalyst Black, Super Evil Megacorp took the effort a step further by developing this mobile game entirely using the EVIL Engine software system that was built by the Super Evil Megacorp developer team. EVIL Engine allows the development team to optimize performance to the maximum extent possible, especially in terms of application size.

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