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Let’s Shoot Waifu Together, In A Exciting Bullet Break Game!

BeXide has announced pre-registration for their upcoming mobile game release, yep Bullet Break. Even though this game is in Japanese, you can also pre-register for this game even if you don’t live in Japan!

Scheduled for this game to be officially released on September 17, Bullet Break is a collector’s RPG game Slingshot Waifu. The aim is to eliminate disturbing animals such as insects, sea monsters and so on.

If you really like waifu, why not try pre-registering Bullet Break?, a free line defense game to play, you will need the right strategy and time to complete each stage!

Bullet Break mobile game

At the bottom of the game view is where you can shoot. That’s also where you keep watch so the enemy doesn’t cross! Think of it as a brick-breaking game, only with cute waifu girls and various alien enemies. Waifu girls are bullets that you use to break through enemies. Pull them back and see them shoot across the screen!

You must have a weak and strong character in the party. The strong can be used to break through waves, while you need the weak to send spam and get other characters out of the field.

Bullet Break

Bullet Break has a Gacha system to get characters with higher ranks, the highest is 5*. You can also get equipment, so even weak characters can become extraordinary with the right equipment.

If this game reaches 100,000 pre-registration, players will be able to get special 4* characters, along with various items and in-game money!

Checkout Bullet Break Website and Twitter for further updates. Bullet Break is scheduled to be released September 17, 2019 .

Pre-register here (Android)
Pre-register here (iOS)

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