Blue Archive Global pre-register

Blue Archive Global Version Starts Pre-Registration Campaign Event

After announcing an amazing interactive teaser website last August, Nexon has now officially started the pre-registration campaign event for their Anime-RPG mobile game entitled Blue Archive Global version. This game was developed by NAT GAMES, Blue Archive has a gameplay where players will take on the role of an academy teacher who works closely with students to solve mysteries around the city. The mobile game is planned to be released on iOS and Android and players can pre-register now.

Nexon enlivened pre-registration by providing several in-game prizes for players to fight for. If pre-registration reaches 500,000 registrants, all registered players will receive:

  • 2-star character Mutsuki
  • 1,400 pyroxenes
  • 150,000 credits

Blue Archive Global pre-register

Nexon will distribute all the prizes earned to players after the official game is released later. Players will also receive 50,000 credits at the close of registration on GooglePlay and AppStore. Not only that, the pre-registration excitement has also spread to social media, with various promotions on Twitter.

The voice actors behind the adorable Blue Archive characters join the celebrations on YouTube, where players can see special messages from the voices of Aru (Reina Kondo) and Shiroko (Yui Ogura). New tracks from the game’s original soundtrack will also be available for streaming.

While waiting for a global release this November, players can explore the Blue Archive’s various features on their official Website, including character profiles, story information, and fun quizzes to determine their perfect match among a number of school clubs.

Blue Archive Official Website

Blue Archive Animation PV


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