Blade & Soul 2 Has Now Started Pre-Registration Phase

The more and more various competition in the MMORPG genre of mobile game market, making mobile game developers productive and developing better than before. This is what NCSOFT Corporation has done for its newest MMORPG game, Blade & Soul 2, which is the latest sequel to the previous game.

As planned before, now this gamehas started the pre-register phase for the South Korean region starting today. This announcement was confirmed by the CEO of the NCSOFT Corporation himself, Kim Taek-Jin.

Besides that, the developer provided some of the latest information regarding the release of this new game. One surprising piece of information is that Blade & Soul 2 is indeed a sequel to the previous game, but players will experience a new game that is much different from the previous game.

Fajaryusuf.com Blade & Soul 2 and

Blade & Soul 2 is also not only a mobile MMORPG game, but later it can be played cross-platform between mobile, pc and console. There will be a big development in terms of the battle animation from this second game from the first game, the animation of attacking, defending, weapons and others will be smoother and better.

The characters in this game will also determine the class with the type of weapon selected. Currently there are several confirmed weapons: axe, gauntlet, sword, bow and arrow, force and bell ritual. It is possible that this type of weapon will be added over time.

Currently, Blade & Soul 2 has started the pre-registration phase for the South Korean region only, and there is still no definite news when this one game will be released globally.

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