Golf-Fantasy Game Titled Birdie Crush Now Officially Released

Com2uS has officially announced the release of their latest mobile game entitled Birdie Crush. If you are a fan of the fantasy golf game you will love this game, download this mobile game now from the local AppStore or GooglePlay.

Two years after the first CBT, Birdie Crush is finally ready to be released globally. So don’t miss trying to play this sports genre mobile game.

Birdie Crush is set in the magical world of the Tribain Kingdom, golf is the world’s number one source of entertainment. The prestigious golf school, Delion Bridge Golf Academy, is where players will meet the charming and talented Birdie Crush students. Erin G. Bird, Kris Lowell, Lucie de Bei and Martina Glow, players and they will compete to become the best golfers in the kingdom. Collect various costumes and customize your character’s skills to strategize your own special play styles in a variety of modes.

fajaryusuf.com Birdie Crush

Birdie Crush has various game modes:

  • Match Mode: Face online opponents in realtime based on rankings and collect match coins to get a box containing various items. Win weekly season prizes based on rank.
  • Single Mode: Single player league featuring various tournaments, event matches, and more.
  • Team Ranked: Challenge another team of up to four members and equip powerful items with team rank coins. Since this mode uses an autoplay system, players must strategically choose the right character, based on stats and skills, to excel in certain matches.
  • Friendly Match: Casual match against friends.
  • Golf Lesson: Learn how to play and earn rewards for completing lessons.
  • Event Mode: Special events with unique themes and stages that will occur throughout Birdie Crush that will reward in-game currency.

Publisher: Com2uS

Download click HERE


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