Battlefield Mobile Starts Pre-Registration Campaign Event

After it was announced that the Battlefield game would be developed for mobile like other Electronic Arts games, namely Apex Legends, today EA and DICE have collaborated and started a Battlefield Mobile pre-registration campaign event on GooglePlay.

On screenshots and gameplay images on Battlefield Mobile. Some gameplay screenshots clearly show that this mobile version of the game does not have high-quality graphics, unlike the PC or console versions. Even so, this game can still be enjoyed from the visual side, on the mobile platform.

With the start of the pre-registration campaign event, EA and DICE invite players to pre-register to get a chance to enjoy the game early. And the opportunity to try the alpha test version. Players who have Android 7.0 or higher devices should be able to play it by pre-registering, but indeed there are some devices that have been detected as not supported because they are still in the development stage.

Battlefield mobile pre-register pre-registration

For players who don’t know, Battlefield Mobile is a free version of the Battlefield series with some of the same features as the PC and console versions. In addition, according to information, EA will start its first alpha test for the Indonesia and Philippines regions. And other countries will follow.

Just like mobile games in general, Battlefield Mobile will have an in-ap-purchase system and a battle pass. Players will be able to enjoy the same four classes as the original series, including Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. In the first test later, players can enjoy Conquest mode on the Grand Bazaar map, which is a map that is also found in Battlefield 3.

Pre-Registration CLICK HERE.


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