Battle Towers TD Hero RPG has now been released download now

Battle Towers TD Hero RPG has now been released, download now!

Battle Towers is a Tower Defense Hero RPG game, players will defend tower defense with RPG heroes, tower clashes, and crazy castle defenses. This game has been developed by Anime Ely, who previously released Royal Knight Tales, Sword Cat Online, and Sword Fantasy Online.

Battle Towers does not have an energy system or pop-up ads in it. Instead, players can play any advertisements to get various additional items. Players will be able to upgrade a small chariot, from just a single hero to a formidable mobile castle made up of soldiers, archers, lasers, airplanes, robots and more.

The game also allows players to use certain Skills during battle, from an icy storm that freezes the enemy first to a hail of arrows that destroys enemy formations. Gold mines and castles conquered by players will generate gold when the player is offline, similar to Idle games in general.

Battle Towers TD Hero RPG has now been released download now

Gift chests can be obtained by players and also open when watching ads. Players can also challenge other players in the arena, players can get various prizes and climb higher ranks by becoming a winner.

Stage Boss will appear at higher levels and require various strategies and tactics to overcome them. The characters in this game are also designed with cute cartoon style art.

Download: Googleplay


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